White maxi beach dress

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Ah, January. This has been such a long journey for my blog. I will celebrate 1 year for helloolaayu on January 9, 2016, not only that my upcoming birthday is also waiting ahead, I guess someone is turning 16 this year(not!). January is always be my month <3

Towards the end of last year, I made a bit more of an effort to make some changes for my blog. Not only I do some blog walking but also I already made a timeline about what to post, really can't wait to share with you guys.

For today, one of those simple, feminine looks. I wore this to go to work today. So actually this dress is a maxi beach dress, but since I combined it with blazer, this look can't be wrong to wear to office. As for my hijab, I love to make it as simple as that.
What do you think of this?

See ya on the next page.

Ola Ayu

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