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A Pink Vest is something that I really want to wear, not because I'm crazy about vest lately, but also because I never find any of it at store, so it really makes me curious.  I am a Pinterest and Instagram kind of girl for the past 3 years, so yes I always inspired by them. But since I am wearing Hijab and sometimes it's hard to find what I really need at store, so I love to make my own design at tailor. A pink vest is one of the prettiest thing you can add to your wardrobe. While not necessarily as versatile as a black, grey, or camel, pink is surprisingly neutral, making it easy to wear. 

If you share my feeling that it's hard to find the right outfit for your own, I'm suggesting to make clothes at tailor. Well, this is my tips to make some daily clothes at tailor:

1. Find the garment store - I usually look around the garment shop at Pasar Blok A Fatmawati, Pasar Mayestik and Tanah Abang.
2. Find the right garment - Only buy the simple garment, one or two color tone, and less pattern. 
3. Find the right clothes models - As for me, I know it's hard to make the right clothes model, so I always ask for a simple design such as vest, simple top, simple dress, and please don't make many details cause it's hard for the tailor to make it real (unless they are excellent tailor and Im sure they are too expensive haha).

'Till we meet again

Ola Ayu

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