Happy 1st Birthday Hello Ola Ayu

by - 7:45 PM

I started Helloolaayu a year ago because of a need to share my dreams, my goals and my stories. For some people maybe it's a bit too late to start a blog, well for me it's better late than never. I sometimes do a blog walking and I found so many people already write a blog for more than 5 years, wooww what an effort! I admit that a blog will be much better if we put a heart, creativity and effort for it's content. I read somewhere that almost 85% of people gave up in writing a blog. I hope I can be one of 15% of people, who can continuously writing for helloolaayu.

For me, helloolaayu is a place where I can share what's inside my mind, what's my favorite style, what I wanna do in the future, where I can push my self to be a better person and  a place where I can read my own story when I grow old later on. Not only that, I hope helloolayu can be a place where I can inspire other people.

In this special occasion, I would like to give my sincere thanks for all of you who like to read my story, I really thank you <3
Happy 1st birthday Hello Ola Ayu.

Ola Ayu

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