A Wonderful Way To Brighten Up January

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As much as I love January, Im secretly hoping for some wonderful days before I'm turning 26. Today has been a pretty great day - My good mood is pretty much back. I've had a super productive week with work, having new close friends at work and feeling so intense to keep blogging (I really on fire for blogging). Since its the first month of the year, I hope all the good energy would stay the same and bring good vibrant for a whole year.

I almost forget that my wedding is getting closer 'till my mom reminded me this morning. I always busy with works and stuff, and only have weekend to prepare my wedding day, oh no! So, no more time to enjoy the weekend, I guess I need to focus for my wedding day as well.  

I've talked about life, work, wedding, business and I think I need to talk about how to enjoy the ride since I have so much stuff on my plate. Let's figure out how to make a wonderful way to brighten up January:

1. Wear a nice outfit to go to work - not only it will cause a good mood but also life's too good to wear boring clothes, right?
2. Put a make up on to brighten up the day.
3. Work Out - That's the thing that I need to do in the morning, even tho my loving bed is super possessive in the morning but let's push my self harder and do the exercise. 
4. Be kind to everyone, a sincere smile would brighten up my self and others as well.
5. Write down an attribute about my self that are thankful for. In that way, I will be so much grateful for everything that I have, not complaining and appreciate every single things. 
6. Strike a pose, take many photos and keep blogging

I hope you all have a wonderful January. Stay focus to meet your life's target and be happy all the time! It's great if you can define what makes you happy, so you can continuo to make great things for your life.

Ola Ayu

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