Let's have a Bridal Shower

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Planning the bridal shower is originally coming from the western countries where the maid of honor and bridesmaids showering a bride-to-be with once in a lifetime experience. There's no better way to honor a bride-to-be than with a bridal shower, so the hype is also happening in Jakarta nowadays. When it comes to keeping everyone entertained, there's nothing like a few bridal shower games to create a festive mood. ssttt! don't forget to pick up a theme, it will make the bridal shower more fun. So, yesterday I created a bridal shower for my bride-to-be friend and here are some shoots from yesterday.
First, Think Themes! 

We picked "Black Swan" theme and it feels so festive to use that beautiful mask. even my bride-to-be friend was so surprised, yay!

Play Games!

Since not all the bridesmaids have been met before, so we played a classic games for the bridal shower.
1. Does the bride really know the groom

This's the first game we played after having a good lunch together. Does she really know the groom? For every wrong answer, make a big mark on her face and let the party begin. Before doing this game, we basically asked questions from the groom-to-be and the questions are:
- What's the groom fav kind of cake?
- What was the name of the groom's first pet?
- What flavor of ice cream is he most likely to order?
- What was the brand of groom's first car?
- What is the groom's dream car?
- What is the groom fav color?
- When is the first hand they held hands?
- When is the first date?
and so on..

Don't forget to tell the groom to keep it secret and ask him to answer the questions honestly, it's okay to ask a private questions only they know :p

2. Who are we?

Before the bride-to-be come to the venue, we collecting answers from all the members about what we think of the bride than asked her who says that statement, for every wrong answer give the bride to be a punishment.

For example : "She is Miss OCD" -> then she has to guess whose this statement from. and we always says that's the wrong answer so she will get punishment *devil mode*

3. Truth and Dare

We pushed her to play truth and dare. before she come to the venue we will collect a 1 dare and 1 truth and put all the paper with truth and dare into a jar. Let her pick her destiny lol..

Wondering how we capture our unforgettable moment? It's all done by Aeon Photography

Good luck for all the bride to be out there and for the bridesmaids let's honor our bride to be with showering some love for them

Ola Ayu

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