Rays of Summer

by - 9:59 PM

Squeezing in the rays of summer with this semi-leather jacket. With how busy life has been and continuous to be I forget sometimes I need to spend a time shooting for my blog, Still I catch my self thinking about what the theme and fashion to post. I quite busy to stop by to the tailor to sew my clothes (you know that I love making my own style) and it makes me out of clothes for shooting. But anyweeee life is so good for me now. Wise people say if we are planning to get married, just somehow god will give us extra fortune, and yesss I can feel it now. Alhamdulilah, Can't stop to think how lucky I am in terms of everything. Thank god, Im blessed alhamdulilahh...

This morning, being eager for hot lazy summer days, I went on wondering around town. My original plan was to run errand, take care of all the things that can't fit my weekdays hours, But weekend are not meant to be bound by agenda right? I had a photo shoot for engagement agenda, and I was so happy by the results of how Natasha took a photo for Aeon Photography ! Alhamdulilah we're now one of Bridestory's vendor, woohooo wishing us the best. xo

Till I write again

Ola Ayu

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