Peplum dress

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For me, experimenting in some old clothes is like my current mood now. I'm pretty happy with the shoot from Natasha for this peplum dress. Well, actually it's not a peplum dress, but I made one with my plain long dress and I add a leather mini skirt and it looks like a peplum. So, I really excited to post this photos.

Pretty typical of me to mix and match my old clothes and make it like a brand new one, it's like an addiction for me hahahhaaa.. Also if you have ever been curious how to get an idea to mix and match some old clothes just go to a pinterest, I'm sure that you'll get some inspirations from it. I will also add some tips to mix and match your old clothes and make it like a fresh one. So for me there are 3 elements that bring your outfit together. They are Base, Accent and Detail.

The Base
The base is a foundation of an outfit and where you begin. typically the base is something classical and you always have it in your wardrobe, it's often neutral in color (but they don't have to be) and timeless. They are your base because they can be easily be added to. Can you imagine that now? Yep, that's right, the base are something like blazers, dresses (mini or midi), pants, suits, skirts, 

Your base pieces may vary depending from your professions and personal taste, But for me if I have one color blazer, I don't need to add another blazer in the same color but different style, So I gotta buy another color to make it easily mix and match with my dress for example. One dress for me, can be mixed by 5 different blazers and people won't notice that I wear a same dress. So do the pants and others, I prefer to have many colors and make it easy to mix and match.

The Accent
Accent pieces are what you will wear with your base pieces and they are usually tops, cardigan, or layering pieces, also for this pictures the leather skirt is the accent. Basically the accent is something that makes your outfit look so different. while your base outfits are typically heavy, neutral, but your accents are typically have more patterns, more shades and more cutting, 

The accent can bring your whole outfit into another level. For us who's wearing a hijab, your hijab patterns and colors also kindda accent that brings your whole outfit in a different way. what is important, however, is variety, you don't need multiple items in the same color. 

The Detail
The detail part of my method is one of the stuff that I think most women neglect and the reason most women are bored to tears in their wardrobe and feel that they have nothing to wear. for me the detail is crucial!

Detail pieces are jewelry, shoes, belts, handbags, hats, and that small details that go a long way. To avoid looking too matchy - matchy, I usually avoid to buy details in the same colors of my base, I always go for something pop colors. But sometimes I don't need to purchase pop colors in the exact same shades in my capsule, sometimes I will go for the tonal colors and universal shades, like plain green or blue. 

In these pictures, my detail is a floral necklace in blue color and it makes something pop for my outfit.

Anyhoo, I hope you are all having a fantastic week ahead since we are welcoming IED (Insya Allah) next week and of course come to our relatives in a good style. No need to buy a new clothes for IED, just make your old one looks like a new one. 

Ola Ayu


 The Details - Necklace

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