My Top 5 beauty products I can't live without

by - 12:20 PM

1. The Body Shop Body Butter - Number one on the list is this body butter from The Body Shop. Since I have a dry skin, a body lotion is not enough to moisturize my skin. I still feel dry and itchy at the same time specially in the humid and dry weather. I tried the body butter 4 years ago and I can't live without it now (since I will scratch my skin and leave a scars), body butter helps me a lot. 

I tried different variant of body butter, but this honey flavor is the best thing I can find, the smell is really really good and the most important thing is it protects my dry skin along the day (seriously I'm not joking it almost 24 hours).

2. The Body Shop Lip Butter - Undeniable, if I say I have a super dry lips. So I put this lip butter twice in a day (morning and before sleep) or if it necessary I will put it often in a day. This lip butter covers my dry lips in the night until I wake up in the morning, then I will get a hot towel and clean it before shower time, it helps to peel of the skin. My favorite is Mango Lip butter, it tastes so good. 

3. Naked 2 From Urban Decay - For me what makes my face look fresh is coming from the eyes, so I always make extra effort for eye make up. I found this Urban decay pallets about 3 or more years ago and this is what I need for my eye make up. Seriously I never get bored with the combination of naked 2, I even haven't try to combine all the colors into my eyes. If you have this one, you'll never need to find another eye shadows, this one is just enough. sssttt it takes me more than 3 years to finish the pallets. 

4. Maybelline Mascara - As I said, for me eye make up is the most important make up to put on my face (hehehe). I already use the maybelline mascara since 8 years ago when I was in uni. this mascara helps to volume my eye lashes so I don't even need a curler. It makes my eyes bigger.

5. Clinique Chubby Stick - Though I have several lipsticks, this one is always in my bag. If I'm too lazy to do a make up, I just put this lipstick on. Since I have a dry lips, I'm caring more and more for my lips and as we know that clinique is a lipstick made from extra minerals, so it won't makes the lips dry (that what makes me happy).

Hope you all enjoyed my Top 5! Love to hear if any of you have tried any of this items and what your thoughts are.

Ola Ayu

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