12 Facts about me and some ootd photos

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Salaam Guys!

Right it's been a while so I thought it'd be nice if I can share facts about me (I did it on instagram before because I was tagged by my friend).

Here we go..

1. I am 25yo. having a birthday on January 20,1990. I am the eldest and having 2 little sisters (seriously they're still little 10yo and 8yo).
2. I love fashion and make up so much since I was in elementary school. I was 8 yo, the first time I put a lipstick on lol.
3. an Extrovert person that use 100% feelings rather than logic. I am a super duper sensitive person.
4. My favorite foods are Meat Ball, Sushi and ttokpokki (korean food)
5. I love Korean Drama SOOOO MUUCHH..
6. I entered Elementary school at 5yo and finished my bachelor degree at 20yo (omg Im so old now hahahaa)
7. I love to make friends with anyone but I kindda have a gut feelings whether people are nice and sincere or bad.
8. I was a singer and a modern dancer. I love to daydream about performing in a super giant stage like a super star (hahahahhaa)
9. I can't cook, I can't do a house cleaning, and even my room is always such a mess.
10. (Alhamdulilah)  I'm engaged.
11. I love to make a business and I have several business now such as photography and packaging.
12. I am a bad photographer, I really am. Natasha larasati is the one who always taking my pictures.

I tag everyone reading this to share about your facts, LOL (is that how it works?!) please tag me if you do so, i really would love to read yours too.

Till next time and happy ramadan fasting guys.

Ola Ayu

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