(Modest) Backless dress

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Hi..! As you know I haven't posted in a while, I'm so sorry for that and Insya Allah I'll be put more effort for my blog tips.

So, I have a habit of buying a nice dress (regardless its a short dress or a long dress) but when I fall in love with a dress, I definitely gonna buy it. Just like the dress I wore today, I already had it since last year but I never had a chance to wear it (of course since it's a backless dress lol). Its Sunday morning and I don't have anything to wear, so I look at this dress (literally about 30 minutes without even know how to match this dress) aannddd tadaaaa I found a loose white shirt and blue Zara  pants to be paired with my backless dress..

I try to make this backless dress proper to wear, with:

1. find a loose neutral color shirt.
2. Do not wear an inner tight t-shirt (just like you wear for Kebaya for example),
3. Wear a simple Hijab.

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Thanks for reading my blog

Ola Ayu

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