Pop Pink Blazer and Palazzo Pants

by - 5:44 PM

Strolling around the mall with my comfort lace palazzo pants won't be easy without a super pink blazer that I designed by my self. It's not surprising for someone like me who has loved everything bright and colorful all of my life to wear a Pink blazer, cause i've been hopelessly devoted to pair this lace palazzo pants with something bright and here it is. But maybe for some people it's not easy to wear something colorful and bright, maybe some people just love to wear a neutral color like white, black and chocolate, but for me I love to wear bright color.

Spent a good half of yesterday refreshing my mind to get a new spirit to boost my energy. I think when everything seems so blue and down, spending time with your self alone wearing something nice is the best idea. So, no matter how I feel, get dress up, put a make up and show up would be the best way to feel great. 

Ola Ayu

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