What to wear tomorrow?

by - 2:09 PM

A fine afternoon dressed up in this lovely flower print skirt that I designed by my self. I have failed so many times to match this floral skirt with any top and end up wearing black as a top. Maybe it’s because a long-time-no-shopping period, so that I stuck with my old outfit (reason to shop then :p).

Do you share my feeling when you don’t know what to dress up in the morning and the outfit isn’t there, but then you look into the closet and feel “dannggg I have so many outfit in my closet but I don’t have anything to wear today”? hahahhaha same here then.

So here are my tips to not confuse and know “what to wear today?” :

- Search your outfit of the day idea on the instagram/magazine/pinterest/snupps/etc at night.
- When you got the idea, go find your clothes and try to mix and match based on your idea.
 Choose 1 of the theme
        a.        pants/skirt/dress
        b.      Feminine/tomboy
        c.       Casual/formal
 Choose the theme for tomorrow, for example skirt – feminine – casual.
 If you have the theme, it’s easier to find the top, bag, shoes and the accessories.

Remember to do it at night, so you ain’t in a hurry for tomorrow morning.


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