Dress Up

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Talked about fur, sometimes I don’t know where to wear it without any special events. I am the type of girl who likes to wear 1 outfit for 1 event, so I have a lot of clothes that can’t be wear anytime and anywhere. A bit confused where to wear this purple fur cardigan since it’d be too much if I wear it for brunch or lunch with friends. But hey! I (still) made it to the brunch, as long as the place is nice, not in the mall and of course have an Air conditioner LOL.

I found out just a week ago when I went with girlfriends in the cafe that most of the teenagers are dressed up really beautiful while us are casually so casual when we talked about outfit hahaha. I really love seeing them,  it’s like seeing Pinterest or Instagram live show from them. 

But for me, dress up is one kind of a way to show our personality. It just my kind of language to tell people who I am without having to speak. I don’t know but dress up is one of my self appreciation to prove that I love my self. Yes! love your self enough to take the actions required for your happiness. Bobbi Brown said feeling confident and being comfortable in your skin – that’s what really makes you beautiful. I really believe to love my self first and everything else will false in line, you really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.

Ola Ayu

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