It's okay to be overdressed

by - 4:30 PM

It has been silently decided that I have a high confidence level in terms of overdress, Yes I admit it J But then again I think it’s okay to be overdressed as long as you feel great about your self, about what you wear. Being overdressed is not a bad thing at all. So the story behind this overdress theme was because last week I came to an event where people were wearing jeans and t-shirt, But I wore this grey maxi dress (Cause I’m not the one who's into casual things).

When I came to the event, I feel many people gave me a glance of a gaze that said “where did you want to go darling?” hahaha I even catch a girl look at me from head to toe. Uhhmm I realized that I overdressed on that event, lol. But hey what’s the worst case scenario of overdress? That you’re the best-dressed person in the room? So I think that its okay to be overdressed and I put my biggest smile to make it over-sweet *wink*!

I believe in Oscar Wilde quotes – “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”. SO TRUE!


Ola Ayu

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