Pink in February

by - 6:51 PM

Finally, I have an opportunity to wear my lovely pink coat!!

So, since it’s February and the gloomy-windy weather in Jakarta, I’m dying to wear my pink coat. This whole outfit was actually I really wait a long time to wear and yaaayy say hello to my pink light coat! I wore black for my inner and pants to make the pink color more special. What’s even better is I got my favorite N.Y.X red lipstick from best friends as my birthday present.

I’ve been in such a full-inspirations mode lately, it makes me feel so fresh and full of spirit. Also, I think that when I get dressed in the morning, wear a nice and decent outfit, put my make up on, it really makes my day and boost my energy to another level.

P.S. I love to wake up in the morning so that I can finish so much tasks in a day.


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