Love is in the air

by - 1:35 PM

When your heart is fluttering and you feel the butterfly is playing on your tummy, play a dressed up, it really helps. I know that february is like a month full of love, I see all the pinky and romantic things wherever I go, so I kindda feel the butterfly effect on my tummy as well. Even tho I don’t celebrate that “14 february day”, but Im gonna show how to play a dressed up if you have a plan for a romantic dinner.

First thing first is make sure that you are clean and feeling fresh, take a long shower, wear your favorite bath soap and spend a little time to put a masker on your face. After that choose a comfortable outfit for your romantic dinner, I think skirt is the best option to show your fluttering heart. Don’t forget to spend extra time to listen to the music while you put your body lotions, it will makes you feel relax and release. Put your make up on, if you’re not confident enough to wear a make up just touch a little powder and lipstick.

I don’t really like when people judge a woman take so much time to dress up, no no no, I’m not that kind of person, I always respect the punctuality. So make sure you have an extra time to play dress up for your romantic dinner. Spend around 90 minutes before your due time, so your preparation is all out and you still on time, it will surprise your partner.

And there you go, you’re fresh, not in a hurry, and you bring out your inner beauty. I don’t know why, but when a girl is in love, it will shows her beauty at it best.


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