Black and White

by - 5:36 PM

I used to not wear a black and white for my daily activity cause you know I’m a colorful girl, but without a doubt  I fell in love with this Longsleeve Zipper Dress from Identite. I’ve had so much fun with high slits that this top gave me. Not only that the fabric it self is so soft but thick so eventho it's white it won't go transparent like most white tops. It’s so different from any tops i’ve ever had before, so I decided to make it simple with anything black. Simplicity will find it’s best with black, cause you never go wrong with black, rite?

What works best for me when using this top is as always HIIIGGHHH HEELSSSS..! I’m telling you my secret, that I feel in pain when using high heels, but beauty is pain and pain means fab, haha..  so here are some tips for you who wants to wear high heels but you can’t stand whit the pain:

1.  Make sure you choose the right number of your shoes, you will not be able to wear it if its 1 size too small or too big from your size, it just gives you more pain than it should be.
2.  Do not look for shoes that too narrow at the front, it just squashed your toes and it makes you more pain.
3. If you want to look higher, wear pump shoes. You can wear 15inch of pumpshoes more comfortable than any other heels because it has “an helpful” platform in front of it, so the gap between the front shoes and the back heels is not really high.
4.  Do not forget to use ointment on your skin and shoes, it helps a lot

Happy trying


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