Time Flies

by - 8:04 PM

Feminine mode wearing favorite ocean blue maxi skirt and grey loose blouse from ZARA, which  I combined with my 15 cm platform pump shoes. Playing dooled up gives me extra energy from day to night, hihihihihi..

So, It’s almost end of january, is it only me or do you guys feel that the time flies so fast? I’m feeling chased by the time and have not accomplished anything for January’s timeline. Well, I never thought this early year gave me a lot of opportunities to do so many projects, Alhamdulilah it’s a good sign to play along with them then. Gotta push my self to the limit for a better result on my projects.

I remember someone told me about the time that you can’t hold back. It’s your decision to make something better day by day or just stay still like today and yesterday. You might stop, stay still, but the world will keep moving. Seasons change and time flies.

Keep moving forward!



Ga berasa ya, january sebentar lagi habis. Alhamdulilah awal tahun ini banyak projects untuk dikerjakan, jadi harus memaksa diri sendiri untuk lebih giat lagi kerjanya (maklum bukan pekerja kantoran,hehehe). Saya ingat kata-kata dari seseorang mengenai waktu yang bergulir sangat cepat. Jadi ayo putuskan apakah mau berkembang menjadi lebih baik lagi dari hari ke hari atau tetap berada di tempat yang sama. Kita bisa aja berhenti untuk tidak berkembang, namun dunia tidak akan menunggu kita loh, karena waktu akan terus berjalan.


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