Stripes Outfit

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Stripes pattern is my must-have item in my wardrobe since they have always been in fashion and I’m sure it will certainly have a long life ahead. For a plus-sized person like me, Horizontal ones will make my body slimmer, thus i will look thinner. But playing with horizontal is boring for me, so I chose the vertikal ones with small lines to not make my look wider.

I don’t think its a bad idea to wear horizontal stripes for me, as long as I feel comfortable and confident. The tips for plus-sized woman like me who likes horizontal stripes then vertical stripes are try to wear a one-color wide skirt and pair of high heels.

Ola Ayu


Pakai kaos horizontal stripes biasanya cocok untuk yang punya badan kecil atau kurus. Tapi ga ada salahnya kan saya yang "sebut saja" lebar (walaupunn sediikit aja,hehe) ikutan pakai kaos bermotif horizontal,.

Biar kelihatan ga terlalu lebar, padu padankan dengan rok lebar berwarna sedikit cerah dan jangan lupa pakai sepatu tinggi ;) 

Selamat mencoba

Ola Ayu

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