Everlasting Black Dress

by - 8:52 PM

Very excited to introduce my self to the world as a new blogger. Never thought that I’d be so enthusiastic to do this, yaayy!! So my specific resolution for 2015 is to be an active blogger and write what I really love.

Exposing to begin my blog with this maxi black dress which I designed by my self, pearl necklace from my collection, but don’t forget to pop up your black dress with something red (it’s never been wrong!). This is quite a casual look but of course a great pair of red heels and red hand bag will transform your look.  

Just like choosing a hairstyle, my headscarf must accentuate the balance of my face (as you may have figured out by now that I have a round-face), I prefer to play safe with black turban.

Sssttt... Don't forget to add your red lipstick.

Happy Trying!


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